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Terms and Conditions


1.1   The following Terms & Conditions (hereafter: “terms”) apply to all offers, contracts and other agreements made between Amanda Bridger-Stille and Jack Bridger-Stille of ABS Interior Styling (hereafter: “ABS Interior Styling”) and the client.
1.2  The terms & conditions of the client are not applicable.
1.3  The ABS Interior Styling partnership retain the right to reject any application.



2.1   Once the services offered by ABS Interior Styling have been requested, a proposal will be created.
2.2  A proposal will consist of an exchange of photos of the space that the client has requested to be ‘Styled’ and an initial quote for the recommended package (hereafter; Proposal).
2.3  The client will have 5 working days to agree in writing to the proposal. If the agreement is not received in the given time, ABS Interior Styling retains the right to cancel the project.
2.4  After the proposal is agreed, a commencement date will be arranged with ABS Interior Styling.
2.5  Once the proposal has been agreed to, a contract of engagement will be signed by both ABS Interior Styling and the Client, outlining details given in the proposal along with a start and finish date within 5 working days.
2.6  After the engagement contract has been signed by both parties, an average of a 30 minute video call prior to the viewing will occur in order for ABS Interior Styling to assess the scale of the project ready for project start.
2.7  The details of the proposal are subject to change during the project.


3.1  The contract will be signed by both parties within 3 working days the proposal being sent to the client.
3.2  If the scope of the assignment changes during the design process either; an additional agreement needs to be made, the original contract may be resumed, or the early termination fee may be enforced (see 7. Early termination).
3.3  If a new contract needs to be made, the existing project will be put on hold until the new contract is signed.


4.1   In the case of the client opting to make significant changes to the design in a way that doesn’t align with the original proposal, the costs of these changes will be reflected in the new contract.
4.2  The client agrees to provide feedback on all creative work within a reasonable time frame (usually five working days).
4.3  If a client deliverable – such as input, approvals, contract signing or payment – is late by more than 5 working days, the project will be considered to be on hold with the option for ABS Interior Styling to cancel the project.

4.5  Once the deliverable is received, the project will be rescheduled based on ABS Interior Styling’s current workload and availability.
4.6  ABS Interior Styling retains the right to cancel the project if the deliverable is not received after 5 working days, with the early termination fee being enforced as per the contract. (If applicable)
4.7  In case something is wrong or missing compared to what was agreed in the proposal, the client has one week (5 working days) after the proposal is signed to let ABS Interior Styling know in writing.
4.8  If the client reports this later, the costs of any additional changes will be charged to the client and the project will be put on hold until a new contract is signed.


5.1   ABS Interior Styling is the holder of all intellectual property rights for the works created, this includes any photos taken after completion.
5.2  Photos of the completed project will only be taken once permission is received from the client in accordance to the Law.
5.3  The client retains the rights to deny ABS Interior Styling from acquiring photos of the completed project.


6.1   Invoices sent by ABS Interior Styling will need to be paid within 5 working days.
6.2  If the final payment is not received within 5 working days of project completion, additional administration costs will be charged at an additional 50% of the total quoted cost per 5 working days.
6.3  Any additional costs due to late payment will be capped at an additional 100% of the quoted price.
6.4  To confirm acceptance of the proposal and engagement contract, the client pays a non-refundable fee of 50% of the total cost. This will act as the early termination fee (if applicable).
6.5  If the early termination fee is not required, then upon completion of the project, the client will have 5 working days from the delivery of the invoice to pay the other 50% of the total cost.
6.6  The remainder of the styling fee will be invoiced upon completion of the project.
6.7   Payment for materials, furniture or other items relating to the agreed design proposal will be invoiced prior to orders being placed. No orders will be placed before payment for such items is received.
6.8   If additional items such as furniture etc are required, the project will be put on hold until the required items have been delivered, at which point a commencement date will be arranged with the client.  
6.9   Any work that extends beyond the original proposal will be charged at an hourly rate or will be negotiated and agreed as an additional or alternate package and will require a new contract to be signed.


7.1   In case the project is terminated by the client before completion, ABS Interior Styling will retain the original 50% deposit provided on signing of the engagement contract.
7.2  Early termination can be enforced by the client at any time after the contract has been signed.
7.3  Early termination of the project will be enforced by ABS Interior Styling only if work conditions are at a state where work cannot continue.
7.4  Inadequate work conditions include but are not limited to: unsafe conditions and hostile client behaviour.
7.5  ABS Interior Styling retains the right to terminate the project in accordance with sections; 1.3, 2.3, 3.2, 4.6


8.1   ABS Interior Styling is not liable for errors and mistakes in the materials or information supplied by the client or third parties.
8.2  ABS Interior Styling is also not liable for any damages that result from the use of the design.
8.3  Any liability of ABS Interior Styling is limited to the total fee that is invoiced for the project concerned in accordance with the insurance provided to ABS Interior Styling.


9.1   English Law is applicable to all agreements made between ABS Interior Styling and the client.
9.2  In case of any disputes between ABS Interior Styling and the client, the court in England has exclusive competence.
9.3  Should a dispute be escalated to involve lawyers, ABS Interior Styling retains the right to use any and all communication between ABS Interior Styling and the client. This includes but is not limited to; contracts, proposals, emails, texts, messages and phone records.

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