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Whilst most little girls like playing with dolls and having tea parties, this little girl spent many hours rearranging her bedroom shelves, organising her books and tinkering with her ornaments. An Interior Stylist in the making!  Fascinated by pattern, colour, placement, and design. Creating harmony and visual balance in a room has always been intertwined in my passion for creating. And as my son will tell you, my own home as always been my canvas!


Having attended the Inchbald School of Design in my early twenties, I left with the knowledge that not only was it important to understand the formula of good design but you don’t need to break the bank to do it! And more often than not, people don’t need new curtains or carpets etc, but instead using a client’s own possessions and reworking them, would often give the same amount of joy and fulfilment as any of the larger scale projects. And so, I found that the size of the project doesn’t always matter, it’s how you use the contents.

So after many years working within the Home Interior industry with designers like Percy Bass and Stella Mannering, or home style retailers like OKA, or even specialists like Bonhams, Farrow & Ball and the restoration expert Allyson McDermott, I have come to feel I have a well rounded knowledge of what makes a house a home. How to pull a look together, make suggestions of where small or large changes can be made to make the biggest impression. But mostly, how to use a space and an idea, to create something you only thought was possible in your dreams… or with a much higher budget!

So If you want to see more, please have a look at what services we offer and our portfolio as well as our customer feedback and testimonials and if you have any questions or want to discuss a possible project or idea, please contact us!

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