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Christine Sage

Amanda is a fabulous resource for professional advice. Her taste is exquisite and her ability to make any room beautiful, whilst adding glamour to the dullest corner, is exceptional. 

Richard Cooke

I used Amanda for my B&B in Somerset and shall definitely be seeking her help for future interior design projects, and am most happy to recommend her to all and sundry!

Michael Taylor

I have had Mrs Bridger-Stille’s help in decorating my period house in Somerset, I'm so very pleased with the result, she has a great knack of finding the right piece for the right spot!

Shireen Crowe

Used the lovely Amanda to redesign my London rental. An amazing eye for detail, I cant thank her enough for all her help! Great prices too!

Mike Dickson

Having moved around london over the last few years, creating a new home has been a re-occuring, time consuming and key part of the process. So with that in mind, it is effortless to say that Amanda can be relied upon to create a stylish and elegant home. Just hand over the keys and watch the magic happen.

John Mclaren

Amanda's subtle and creative approach to combining both antique and modern elements to create a comfortable home was exactly what I was looking for. Her classical training plus experience of the latest decorating trends was invaluable. With great good humour and energy she was a real partner and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Alison Sutton

Having been her Manager during her time at a large home interiors company, her professionalism and instinct was inspiring to watch. Promoting her to the VM team was the easiest decision I made whilst there. 

Vicky Tinsley

Over the years I have used Amanda's services on a number of occassions after moving, and she really managed to use her incredible sense of colour and style to turn my house into a home. Would highly recommend.

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