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"Pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work" - Aristotle

We live in a world that is constantly changing and within our own lives that is true too. Where we find the most comfort is usually our own homes. Often time or money constraints prohibits us from making them the haven we want. We read the magazines, watch the programmes and wish our homes can magically look like those. Well they can!

I believe that total interior design makeovers don’t have to be done to make your home beautiful, stylish and comfortable. We can use your existing things to relook at placement and purpose, perhaps rehang pictures or even paint a wall!

At ABSInteriorStyling we will help you achieve the comfort you crave. With a few adjustments and possibly small expenditures like; new cushions, throws or lampshades or paint, it can make a massive difference! We don’t believe breaking the bank has to happen to make a house into a home!


1 Hour

2 Hours

4 Hours

This 'By the Hour' introductary option allows us to go through some of your smaller styling questions or ideas. 

With this option, we are able to look at some basic re-organising in your space or discuss some possible routes you could take in order to make your vision a reality. Equally, you could also use this option as a stepping stone to one of the more involved options, to better develop your visions. 

This more in depth option allows for that little bit of extra time to iron out any of your interior styling or decorating queries. 

With a more hands-on approach, using this time, we can look to reorganise furnituture or furnishings of any kind. As well as introducing your own belongings into a space possibly not considered before to bring a new lease of life into your space. 

Alternatively, we can look to develop a new space with a specific use in mind, such as a new home office to allow for a more comfortable and stress-free way to work from home in this new climate. 

This half day consultation gives advice and recommendations for multiple rooms or a single room in finer detail. 

Practical and Stylish solutions for any size space to better make your vision a reality. Ensuring your space is comfortable, inspiring and uniquely yours, no matter the budget. 

This hands on styling option covers a wide range of options including but not limited to; Furniture and Soft Furnishings, Storage Solutions, Lighting, Paint and Fabric Selections and Re-organising or Decluttering. 

Hourly Rate

Helping you find the perfect colour combinations to suit your home. 

If you are finding selecting colours difficult or its becoming too stressful, then this consultancy option could be your answer! The process would involve working with you to find the colours that will enhance your home and help to create a comfortable space that will bring out your personaility and style. 

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